New Residential Property Launches
    For the first half of 2021, total new residential property launches amounted to 16,660 units, which was about half of the average amount recorded during the same period between 2016-2019 (1H 2016-2019 average: 32,465 units; 1H 2020: 25,227 units)
    • Quarterly average of residential property launches during 1H 2021 amounted to only 8,330 units (2016-2019 average: 16,611 units).
    The fewer launches in the 1H 2021 was largely attributed to a more cautious approach adopted by property developers amidst disruptions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the softer market conditions.
    Nevertheless, the share of launches priced below RM500,000 remained high at 71.6% in the first half of 2021 (2016-2019 average: 70.3%).
    • Meanwhile, launches of residential properties priced above RM1 million recorded a decline, accounting for only 2% of total launches in 1H 2021 (2016-2019 average: 5%) This suggests a gradual adjustment to the current supply-demand mismatches as developers re-orient their focus towards affordable and mid-tier housing.

Source: National Property Information Centre (NAPIC)

Note: Numbers in percentages refer to the share of total launches priced in the respective price segments