Top 5 Property Websites in Malaysia

Top 5 Property Website in Malaysia

Discover the Top 5 Property Websites in Malaysia

Navigating the bustling real estate market in Malaysia, especially in major urban centers like Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Selangor, can be daunting. Whether you’re a potential homeowner, a property investor, or just curious about the market dynamics, knowing where to find reliable and comprehensive property listings is crucial. In this guide, we delve into the top five property websites that are reshaping how consumers and investors access the property market in Malaysia, specifically focusing on Properties in Malaysia, majorly properties in KL, and Selangor.

1. PropertyGuru Malaysia

PropertyGuru Malaysia Website, the largest property website in Malaysia, stands out as the most well-known platform for property seekers in Malaysia. It is a pioneer in Malaysia real estate industry that helped users to consolidate all properties to be sold all on 1 platform. It has connected all parties: potential buyers, houseowners, and property agents who is involve in the house buying process all together for best ease. offers an extensive range of listings that cover both residential and commercial properties. It’s particularly renowned for its user-friendly interface and robust search tools that allow users to filter properties by location, price, and type. Whether you’re looking for a high-rise apartment in KL or a sprawling bungalow in Selangor, PropertyGuru offers up-to-date and detailed information to help you make informed decisions. 


  • Has the most users where houseowners can reach potential buyers easily.
  • Offers a wide range of residential and commercial properties across Malaysia.
  • Encourage a competitive market for house selling that users can get the most out of it.


  • Website design is old and outdated. Many features are not mobile-friendly.
  • Too many duplicate house listing as different agents are selling same projects/units.

2. iProperty Malaysia

iProperty Malaysia Website

iProperty Malaysia is another heavyweight in the online property search arena, providing a common platform for both buyers and renters. With a deep focus on property in Malaysia, iProperty connects users with thousands of listings, alongside insightful market analysis reports and trends. Its interactive tools, such as mortgage calculators and property value assessments, make it easier for users to understand the financial aspects of their property investments. iProperty Malaysia has a small group of audience compared to Property Guru. Both websites have almost similar design and features.


  • Offers detailed market analysis, property news, and guides alongside listings
  • Includes mortgage calculators and property value assessments to aid in financial planning.


  • Ad-Heavy: Some users might find the number of advertisements on the site distracting.
  • While comprehensive, the interface can sometimes feel cluttered due to the sheer amount of information presented.

3. MET Property

Met Property Website

Although relatively newer to the scene, MET Property has quickly established itself as a key player with a sharp focus on Malaysian real estate, including niche markets in KL and Selangor. The site is celebrated for its straightforward navigation and the personalized experience it offers users, ranging from high-end properties to more affordable listings.


  • Great User Experience: Focused on providing a personalized property search experience.
  • Advanced website technology with new features such as “Compare Project”, and management tools for house listing/buying.
  • Informative website with latest updates of new launched project available and articles related.
  • Great for discovering up-and-coming areas and new property developments in KL and Selangor region.


  • Being relatively new website, it may not have as many listings as more established sites.
  • Limited Regional Coverage: May not cover as many regions as the bigger platforms.

4. website excels in providing not only property listings but also invaluable property news, advice, and features that cover various aspects of owning, buying, and selling property in Malaysia. It’s particularly useful for those looking to understand the finer points of the property market in urban areas such as KL and Selangor, offering tools that help track property market trends and price fluctuations. As compared to other property platform, EdgeProp catches users eyes with it’s Auction houses. You can find any houses on auction here easily. If you are an investor, EdgeProp have price transaction for related units to let you know what’s the average market price. Things get simple as you do not need to do self research so much on this part.


  • Offers extensive news and articles that help users stay informed about the property market.
  • Market Data: Provides data-driven insights into market trends and property price movements.
  • Investment Focus: Ideal for investors looking to understand market dynamics and potential ROI.


  • Niche Focus: More tailored for investors and less so for average home buyers.
  • Complexity: The depth of information can be daunting for new users or those not familiar with the property market.

5. Website

Propsocial stands out with its community-driven approach, where users can discuss and share insights about different properties and neighborhoods. This platform is ideal for those looking to buy or rent properties in Malaysia as it combines real user reviews and discussions with comprehensive property listings.’s inclusive community aspect makes it a valuable resource for getting honest feedback on various locales within KL and Selangor.


  • Unique community features allow users to discuss properties and neighborhoods.
  • Honest Reviews: Real reviews and social proof from the community help in making informed decisions.


  • The quality of advice can vary as it is user-generated.
  • Less Focus on Listings: More emphasis on community discussions than on providing a comprehensive listing service.


Each of these top five property websites in Malaysia offers unique features and tools that cater to diverse needs, from detailed property analyses to community insights. For anyone interested in Property Malaysia or real estate in Malaysia, particularly in the regions of KL and Selangor, these platforms provide crucial information that can help in making well-informed property decisions. Whether you’re planning to buy, sell, or simply explore the property landscape, these websites are invaluable resources that offer accessibility and insight into the Malaysian property market.

By utilizing these platforms, you can effectively streamline the search process and gain deeper insights into the ever-evolving property market in Malaysia. This ensure that you find not just any property, but the right property.

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